Google Analytics Audience

About this Report

Google Analytics is still the most preferred analytics tool when it comes to web performance and review. In addition to its powerful metrics repertoire, Google Analytics also packs a huge platform where some of the most important datas are just a little bit hard to find. That’s why we created the Google Analytics Snapshot template, 1 overview slide from each section. Along side the usual suspects: Quick Health check and Insights.

Featured Metrics

  • Affinity & In-market
  • Demographics Overview
  • Age Performance
  • Gender Performance
  • Audience Performance
  • Day and Time Performance
  • Geo Top Countries & Cities
  • Goal X Advanced Metrics

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Google Analytics Audience

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Report Sections
Overview Audience E-commerce
Intro Overview Users and Behavior
Demographics Geography Goal Performance

Why you should use this template

In Google Analytics, audiences are gatherings of website guests with shared behavior like, gender, age, countryor city.Arranging visitors into clear-cut groups assists you with distinguishing the most significant customersfor your business, and improving as needs be.In Slidebeast, an Audience reportnot onlyincludes the above mentioned metrics, but also audience affinity & In-market metricsin terms of Goal Conversion rates so that you can understand which affinity or age converts the most and plan your Ads campaigns accordingly. Not to mention the time you will save by using the pre-made template.

Who should use this template?

  • Website owners who need to quickly see their audience metrics in a professional presentation format
  • Multinational brands or website owners who need to present their audience metrics
  • Agencies who need to see their brands’ audience metrics
  • Brands
  • Start-up Owners and CEOs
  • SAAS Entrepreneurs

When should you use this template?

If you are a business owner and you have your online store up and running, you will need to track your customers’ reactions and activity on the website thoroughly. This is where the google analytics audience template comes in. Apply the audience to your Analytics reports to investigate their conduct in light of your marketing. You can use the audience as an optional measurement in reports and measurement in sections, custom reports, and custom pipes.