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While the Instagram Post report helps you understand your page's overall post performance, the Reels report helps you understand the performance of individual Reels posts. The detailed reports of the top-performing Reels contain various data for the dates you selected.

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Instagram Reels Report

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Why you should use this template

A lot of people use Instagram to gain popularity, and popularity is about by the quality of content an Instagram account has. Thus, it is important to have organic follower growth. For a business, especially that which is online, it is important to track what you post. Therefore, you should use this template and put forth the attempt to develop a business technique and produce engaging content, and you will begin to see some development on your business profile.

Who should use this template?

  • Website Owners
  • Content Creators
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Cloud Business Partners
  • Overseas Marketing Agent
  • Start-up Owners and CEOs
  • Different types of Instagram groups

When should you use this template?

If you are developing a new Instagram account or you've effectively been driving business correspondence on Instagram for quite a while, is the ideal opportunity to use this format to develop your results successfully, especially if you business is focused more on Reels. With the assistance of this template, you will start to seek methods to optimize your account to more readily suit your business needs.